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Leff Chiropractic Center is located in Central El Paso at 3130 Montana Ave in El Paso, Texas. Dr. William M. Leff D.C. founded Leff Chiropractic Center in 1989 when he purchased the well established Chiropractic practice of Dr.’s Muilenberg and McKinley, who founded their practice at 3130 Montana in 1949.

Dr. Leff is a 1984 graduate of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon. He does a number of Chiropractic Adjusting techniques and is a hands on Chiropractor. He is proficient in Diversified technique as well as many sports medicine techniques. He learned many of the concepts of Active Release Technique, a specialized sports medicine technique, when he worked for Dr. Michael Leahy D.C. in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In addition, he has had many patient of all ages including very young children and geriatric patients. His experience of thirty years of Chiropractic practice gives him the skills needed to treat many things including lower back pain, disc problems, headaches, whiplash, Sciatica, shoulder and knee pain as well as many joint pain disorders.

He also can perform specialized Cranial techniques to include Nasal Specific. More information can be found for treatment of migraines, nasal conditions and severe headaches at http://www.nasalspecific.com/

Dr. Leff also offers a full service X-ray facility with a high speed, high frequency Bennet X-ray system. He also does various therapies to include a variety of specialized therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy and acupressure type trigger point work.

Leff Chiropractic Center is on most managed care lists. These include Blue cross Blue shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Health care, Health Scope, El Paso First, Tri-West as well as Well Care, Amerigroup and Humana. He accepts assignment on Medicare as well as Medicaid. He is also on the managed care lists for Medicaid to included Star and Superior, Molina, Healthspring and El Paso First. A referral and pre-authorization may be needed on some plans.

Dr. Leff is active in the chiropractic and local community and is long term member of the Texas Chiropractic Association and the Five Points development Association.

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