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Sense of taste and smell returns

Another bit of good news for Chiropractic in the world of Covid. A number of people have reported regaining their sense of taste and smell after Chiropractic treatment. The Cranial nerves control so many functions in your head and the nerves in your neck make an impact on these same nerves that were insulted with

Vitamins and the immune system

The three supplements that are cheap and effective at boosting your immune system in this time of Covid. They are Vitamin C 1000 mg two time a day, Lysine 500 mg twice a day and zinc 60 mg one time a day. These three are a good baseline to supplement before you have symptoms or

Protect your brain with L-serine

Researchers finally have keyed in on neurodegeneration in ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A neurotoxin called BMAA interferes in your ability to use Serine in your brain. Serine is necessary for healthy cell walls in your brain. L-Serine is a non essential free from amino acid that is available in cold water fish, dairy, tofu, eggs,

Non Wheat Diets and protecting your liver

Over the last few years, I’ve heard of about every new diet that has comes down the pipe. A number of people talked about how much better they were feeling on a wheat free diet. At first I thought, “nonsense, how can wheat be bad for you.” It turns out that unsprouted wheat that is

Fructose clogs up your liver

Researchers finally figured out why drinking all those sodas can lead to health consequences and diabetes. Fructose is supposed to be handled in the small intestine and broken down carefully. It is not supposed to go to the liver. Taking in large quantities, think Big Gulp Coke with a donut causes a spillover of fructose.

Full Chiropractic Height

After Chiropractic care many times people say, “you look taller.”  Well, there is some truth to that.  It seems like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and it weighs you down.  The neck goes forward, the shoulders get rounded and suddenly you are not standing up straight.  I recently had a

Snake venom is not for Snake oil salesman

I came across a very interesting article on venom and the many uses in medicine. They talked about snakes, black widows, vipers, tarantulas, scopion and Gila Monsters. All of these can give you nightmares but they might drop your blood pressure or change how cancer is fought. The Wall Street Journal article can be seen

Too much Booze and Cirrhosis

Some very interesting research that came out that is just a new way at looking at what alcohol does to us. Everyone knows too much booze is really bad for you and it leads to Cirrhosis of the liver. El Barracho does not live too long. What is surprising is that most people assumed that

Circadian rhythms and flashing lights

Amazing how science keeps finding out things but if you have ever had jet lag you would want to do whatever you can to help this problem.  Seems like it takes one day to adjust for one hour.  So when an El Pasoan goes to Europe,  it is like 8 hours different.  You are ready

Biofilms and Mycoplasma

The incredible thing about Mycoplasma is that  this vicious, super small microorganism is that it is like the Borg in Star Trek,  it has a shield.  That variable shield mechanism is called Biofilm.  It is almost like a cloaking device so our immune system can not see what is going on.  A very scientific article

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