Biofilms and Mycoplasma

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The incredible thing about Mycoplasma is that  this vicious, super small microorganism is that it is like the Borg in Star Trek,  it has a shield.  That variable shield mechanism is called Biofilm.  It is almost like a cloaking device so our immune system can not see what is going on.  A very scientific article spells it all out.  One Borg episode on Star Trek had a Borg on the ship and he got blasted by a phaser.  Another came back and he had a special shield that stopped the phaser.  Data came up with the idea of a variable phaser.  That zapped another Borg but they came back with a variable shield to counter the new phaser.  In other words;  Adaptation.   So the real question is how do we adapt our immune system to counter this very real threat to our health.  Article below is way out there on Biofilms. They even make towers.

Apparently some essential oils like Oregano oil have an effect on Biofilms.   Vaporization may be the way to get some oils in your system.  Whatever the case,  a stiff round of Zithromax followed by Dioxicycline may not be enough to kill this insidious opportunist called Mycoplasma. The link below is the best general overview of Mycoplasma.

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