Too much Booze and Cirrhosis

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Some very interesting research that came out that is just a new way at looking at what alcohol does to us. Everyone knows too much booze is really bad for you and it leads to Cirrhosis of the liver. El Barracho does not live too long. What is surprising is that most people assumed that it was the alcohol directly damaging the liver which is wrong. It turns out that the alcohol damages two proteins in the intestines that keep our flora, or intestinal bacteria, in line and stop them from having a wild growth, kind of like an algea bloom. When the bacteria get too high, they get into the bloodstream and then clog up the liver. When the White Blood cells go in to clean up they cause inflammation and then scar tissue which is followed by fat and like magic, you have Cirrhosis.

Perhaps we could just take more of the two proteins called REG3B lectin and REG3G lectin if you knew you were really going to drink too much. Until then, you can toast to your future, but maybe just one or two.

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