Snake venom is not for Snake oil salesman

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I came across a very interesting article on venom and the many uses in medicine. They talked about snakes, black widows, vipers, tarantulas, scopion and Gila Monsters. All of these can give you nightmares but they might drop your blood pressure or change how cancer is fought. The Wall Street Journal article can be seen at the following web address.

The fascinating idea is how we are still in this modern world Bioprospecting for substances to help of fight disease and live longer. Many of today’s Diabetes medicine came from venom of the Gila Monster. Even in ancient Greece, China and Egypt snake venom was used to make an ointment to lesson the effects of Gout. It is truly a shame to see the rain forests, (18 million acres a year), being burned to run more cattle in places like Brazil, Venezuela or Colombia because we may be killing off some very valuable plants or animals than can never come back. It almost seems like everything has its place and it’s benefits. I’ll just keep those snakes and spiders in the lab though.

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