Fructose clogs up your liver

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Researchers finally figured out why drinking all those sodas can lead to health consequences and diabetes. Fructose is supposed to be handled in the small intestine and broken down carefully. It is not supposed to go to the liver. Taking in large quantities, think Big Gulp Coke with a donut causes a spillover of fructose. The liver turns the fructose into fat and a fatty liver is started causing all kinds of trouble with things like cholesterol, sugar levels, inflammatory compounds floating around in your blood. The fact remains, “Fructose is detrimental to your health.”

The following article in the economist illustrates the point and is plenty more detailed than this post.  Cut and paste into your browser.

No one says it’s easy to lose weight but starting with eliminating Fructose from your diet is a great place to start.  Lower carbs,  more good fats and proteins and plenty of fiber.

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