Non Wheat Diets and protecting your liver

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Over the last few years, I’ve heard of about every new diet that has comes down the pipe. A number of people talked about how much better they were feeling on a wheat free diet. At first I thought, “nonsense, how can wheat be bad for you.” It turns out that unsprouted wheat that is processed may be the very worst thing in your diet behind high fructose corn syrup. Wheat has components called Lectins and Gliadins that damage the gut. Put together in a kids cereal or a donut and you spell, attention deficit disorder and chronic inflammation. Show me an ADD child with Asthma and I’ll show you a kid eating Captain Krunch and fruit loops. The wheat aggravates what is called Leaky Gut Syndrome (see link below).
Many new diets want you to eat more fiber, more good fats and good proteins. The grains are not even part of these diets unless they are sprouted. Protecting the intestines, protects the liver. Fats and proteins are protective while fructose and grains can be destructive. Fructose and bacteria then get in a persons bloodstream and then cause the liver to get clogged up and turn into what is called a “fatty liver”. Next thing you know you have high cholesterol, food allergies, arthritis, asthma, and early dementia all with roots in a malfunctioning liver and intestine.

Protein critical to gut lining repair

We have lots of defenses in the intestines and many proteins that battle too many bacteria and things to keep the intestinal wall intact. An earlier blog on alcohol and how it can damage two intestinal proteins is all part of this same pathway. I continue to tell anyone who will listen you can eat yourself to good health. No sense in allowing such a downward spiral of health that is actually very explainable and preventable.

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