Protect your brain with L-serine

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Researchers finally have keyed in on neurodegeneration in ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A neurotoxin called BMAA interferes in your ability to use Serine in your brain. Serine is necessary for healthy cell walls in your brain. L-Serine is a non essential free from amino acid that is available in cold water fish, dairy, tofu, eggs, seaweed and other foods. BMAA gets biomagnified in seafood like crab, shrimp, lobster if they are eating in the presence of algae blooms in the water. The cyanobacteria in these algae blooms carries the BMAA neurotoxin. Paul Cox, an ethno-biologist, pioneered this research.
So if you want to protect your brain against neuro degeneration like in Alzheimers, senile dementia, Parkinsons or ALS, do two main things. Give up shell fish and warm water fish and supplement Phosphatidyl Serine Matrix three times a day. This really is cutting edge research and it is a shame big pharma has spent countless billions looking at the tau proteins and such which are really just a manifestation of an underlying problem. All their fancy studies have come up empty. This link has a great overview on this area.

It is never to late to protect your brain or what’s left of it.

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