Leff’s Shipwreck Theory

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Leff’s Shipwreck Theory is simple.  Just imagine an old freighter, that gets drained of oil that is towed about a quarter mile off the coast, and gets dropped in 200 feet of water.  The little fishes are ecstatic,  a new hotel,  lots of space,  lots of little rooms all over to hide from the big bad fish.  When you get a spinal surgery,  the surgeon cuts on bones, muscles, tendons, and fascia and it allows the little fishes in.  We are not sterile on the inside.  There are all kinds of bacteria floating around in our bloodstream.  Mycoplasma is a particularly deadly culprit because it is the worlds smallest self replicating organism and it can hide anywhere in our bodies.              More can be read on Mycoplasma.     http://www.rain-tree.com/myco.htm

Mycoplasma organisms are floating around attached to our red blood cells.  They have adhesives to become hitchhikers.  As the bone is cut it allows a vector for these stealth pathogens.  They detach themselves and find a new home,  (the little fishes are so happy now.)  Is it any wonder that so many people have chronic pain in the areas of surgery for many months or years after a surgery.  It is a low grade infection where your immune system just can’t quite kill the infection.  Mysoplasma releases small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide as a byproduct of metabolism.  What do you think a small amount of H2O2, on a daily basis, would do to a knee joint or a shoulder joint?  The reason surgeries should be performed as a matter of last resort is that chronic infection is a real and growing concern.

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